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MAGA Movement on the Blockchain.

Launched on May 26th, 2024. MAGA Movement on Solana.

MAGA Memecoin

Make Crypto Great Again!

SOL sfYDFZJguyF4YLZjje7qwwh41NRymFfZ3QXZbVm7Eyg


47,000,000 Supply

Freeze & Mint Authority
Please be advised that MAGA Memecoin is a cryptocurrency created for entertainment purposes and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Donald J. Trump. While MAGA Memecoin may reference or incorporate elements related Trump’s? persona, image, or likeness, it does not imply any direct endorsement, partnership, or approval by Trump. Any resemblance or association between MAGA Memecoin and Donald J. Trump is purely coincidental and intended for satirical or humorous purposes.